Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey Elyse~my 10 Things

My laptop (a Toshiba with no name) and BlackBerry are tied for First place. Spend most of the time on the BB because it connects me to #3 and #4~FaceBook and Twitter. Both laptop and phone can keep me on the Internet (#5), with the #6 dealing with the Ancestry site and #7 the software of Family Tree Maker 2010. #8 is Blogs, with two genealogy, one for my grandma stuff, and another dealing with Just Opinions. #9 is YouTube~with loads of different types I have can learn alot from these short videos. As for the 10th, this would have to be the different ToolBars I have going which can be used for anything I am in the mood to search~such as SIDEWIKI, STUMBLE, INTERNET GENEALOGY to name afew.

As one or more items I have on my BlackBerry which is with me "ALWAYS"~there is the camera, camcorder, Ipod, social networking! I tend to "get the most" out of what I have at hand.

in reference to: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without | Elyse's Genealogy Blog (view on Google Sidewiki)

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