Thursday, September 10, 2009

Married into the HEMBREE line

These are the Ladies who became HEMBREE by marriage. Seems that records are hard to come by from both states of Georgia and South Carolina. Still looking. Any one who may or might know for sure how and where I can get copies of these marriage records do let me know so I can include them on my tree and here on the blog. You will be credited for the info, 'Thanks!

William Jerry HEMBREE-Deborah SARGENT -July 1977

John Basil HEMBREE-Lucile MEDLIN-

Thomas Charley HEMBREE-Bertha Viola STOVALL

William Rubin HEMBREE-Susan E. TACKETT

William Jasper HEMBREE-Alma Beatrice GABLE -August 15, 1918



William W. HEMBREE-Orinah ? (unknow @ this time)


the HEMBREE men

with my sons and their dad still being alive, this post starts with Bill's dad.

John Basil HEMBREE 1913-1963

Thomas C HEMBREE 1891-1969

William Rubin HEMBREE abt ?-1979

William Jasper HEMBREE 1863-1944

Isaiah HEMBREE 1828-1853

Isaiah HEMBREE 1718-1853

William W HEMBREE 1754-1821

James HEMBREE 1729-1790

As you can see there has been the William name almost straight thru.

Starting of yet another blog-the Hembree family of GA/SC

Met William ( I always called him Bill-his family called him Jerry) in Orange County Calif back in 1977 about the time of my daughter 1rst birthday, while he was serving with the USMC/El Toro. She has known him as daddy all her life , called him that too before calling me mommy. Bill on the other hand was talking adoption before marriage ...sorry to say we are no longer married and have gone our separate ways. This Blog will be linked to the Ancestry Hembree tree for the kids-jamie, william the 2nd, and john. As now that there are grands , for them as well.