Friday, November 20, 2009

Hembree Pedigree-11 Generations of

Decendents of James Hembree and Sara Bird (possible spelling=byrd)

1. James Hembree b. 1729 Lunenburg, Virgina d. 1790 Spartenburg co. Startenburg, SC
m. Sara Bird (unknow date/place) b. 1733 Spartenburg, SC d. 1799 SC

James and Sara had 3 children:
2A>William W.Hembree b. 1754 d. 04 Oct 1821
b. Joel Bird Hembree b.1755 d.1825
c. Robert Hembree b. 1759 d?

2A> William W. Hembree
m. Orinah (unknown name/dates) b. 1759 d.Dec 1834 Spartenburg, SC
William and Orinah had 9-possible 10 children:
a. Owens Hembree 1765-1837
b. Sara Hembree 1765-1837
c.William W. Hembree 1775-1839
d. Joseph Joel Hembree 1779-1825
3E>Isaiah Hembree b. 1781 Virgina d. 11 Sept. 1853 Carroll, GA. *NOTE: dies 156 years before 9/11 NY towers coming down.
f. Irah Hembree 1783-1810
g.Elizabeth Hembree 1783-1821
h. Johnson J. Hembree 1784-1840
i. James Hembree 1785-1845
j. (unknown first name) Hembree 1787-1800 *NOTE: lived only about 13 yrs.

3E> Isaiah Hembree
m. Mary Brooks (20 Dec. 1810 ) b. 1788 Virgina d. 1872 Fulton, GA.
Isaiah and Mary had 7-possible 8 children
a. Malinda Hembree 1811-?
b. Washington Hembree 1813-1862

c. Charlotty Hembree
d. Melissa Hembree
*NOTE: both born 1818 no known death date, could be twins, looking into later

e. Lucy Hembree 1820-1909
f. William James 1824-?
g. Nancy Hembree 1824-?
4H> Isaiah Hembree b. 29 January 1828 Spartenburg, South Carolina d. 08 May 1864 Fairplay, GA.

4H> Isaiah Hembree
m. Mary A. Long (dates unknown) b. 18 July 1833 SC d. 17 Feb 1881 Church Wetzel, W.V.
Isaiah and Mary had 8 children:
a. Angelina Hembree 1853-?
b. James Monroe Hembree 1855-?
c. Sarah Francis Hembree 1857-?
d. George Washington Hembree 1859-1948
e. Martha Caldonia Hembree 1861-1893
f. Peter Hembree 1862-?
5G> William Jasper Hembree b. 20 Dec 1863 GA d. 17 Sept. 1944 Douglasville, Douglas, GA
h. Fanny Hembree 1866-?

5G> William Jasper Hembree
m. Alma Beatrice Gable (15 Aug. 1918) b. 28 April 1883 d. 23 March 1953
*NOTE: William was at age 54, a late age to be getting married or may have been married before - Alma had been married before. With several children showing on census .

William and Alma had 4 Children
a. Moses Hembree ?-?
b. Flora Bell Hembree ?-?
6C> William Rubin Hembree b. Douglas GA d. 12 Jan. 1976 Stone Mt., DeKalb, GA
d. Thomas Isaiah Hembree 1924-?

6C> William Rubin Hembree
m. Susan E. Tackett (?unknown date/place) b.? d.?
William and Susan had two children:
a. Maxine Hembree (unknown info)
7B> Thomas Charley Hembree b. 06 April 1891 GA d. 06 November 1969 LaVonia GA
m. Bertha Viola Stovall (29 Nov. 1910 GA) b. 04 Feb. 1892 d. 28 March 1982 Stephens, GA
Thomas and Bertha had 7 children:

8A> John Basil Hembree b. 16 April 1913 Franklin co. GA d. 13 Nov. 1963 *NOTE: just days apart from President Kennedy's Death.
b. Ellie F. Hembree 1915-?
c. Henry P Hembree 1916-?
d. Woodrow W Hembree 1918-?
e. Melvin T. Hembree 1921-1977
f. Emma L. Hembree 1925-?
g. Leone Hembree 1927-?

8A> John Basil Hembree
m. Lucile Medlin (unknown date/place) b. 08 Oct. 1913 GA d. 03 June 1993 SC
John and Lucile had 4 children:
3 girls and 1 boy (all but one is still alive. Beth , the oldest died several years ago, no info on this)

The only son is my children's father , and he is the 9th generation. This makes our children, their cousins all in the 10th generation. With another generation coming along with our grandchildren being the 11th generation.....wonder if there are any in the 12th generation as being great grands !

Now any one from this extended family, do help out with any info , and/or corrections. This would be of great help, have been finding records are hard to come by with SC and GA,


  1. My father was born and raised in Greenville SC.
    His only his Frances is still alive.
    I'll get a copy of my sisters tree and we can see what matches and who went where!
    Janice I know my dad had 5 brother and 1 sister.
    Also that our line or Hembree's have been in the south for 400 years.

  2. I have alot of those Hembree's in my family tree and I would really like to exchange information with you?

    Thanks In Advance,
    K.Chris Vickery